ordering a bike is easy

A good bike is a bike that suits its rider perfectly. It suits the rider’s physical build and flexibility, it suits the rider’s ambitions, it suits the rider’s preferred terrain, it suits the rider’s preferred sense of control.

That’s why we custom build each RIH to the specific needs of its rider.

This can only be accomplished through a close collaboration between cyclist and builder.

In designing a bike with our clients, we look at:

what is your perfect fit?

RIH Sport starts developing every new bike with a bike fitting. The fitting is necessary to determine the ideal position of the rider on the bike. That information is then translated into the geometry of the frame, taking into account the wants and needs of the client and the insight of the builder.

In general, a bike fitting is comprised of the following measurements:

Next to the bike fitting we want to take into account how flexible and strong a cyclist is. This differs per person and how much you ride.

how do you want to use your bike?

Different conditions, require a different built of your bike.

If you are looking to use your bike in a rougher, grittier terrain, you might prefer a higher point of gravity. We can best achieve this by raising the bracket of the bike.

Nice road surfaces often require a lower point of gravity, therefore a lower bracket.

Please consider carefully how and where you want to use your bike.

how do you want your bike to handle?

Some riders – often track or off-road cyclists – prefer a bike to handle extremely direct and aggressive.

Others want the bike to handle nice and smooth – often road warriors.

The way a bike reacts to your steering is very personal, and again we are very glad to discuss them with you.

Since all our bikes are custom made, we use a personalized purchase process for each bike. Please fill out the form below, if you are interested in purchasing a RIH SPORT bike and we will contact you shortly.

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