Welcome to the RIH SPORT Cycling Club

RIH SPORT Amsterdam has been building custom-made racing bikes since 1921. Over that 100-year span we’ve built somewhere between six to nine thousand racing bikes. Now we are gathering as many of those RIH SPORT racing bikes and their current owners in the RIH SPORT Cycling Clubs. Owners can register their bike’s general information, share a little story about their bike and the adventures they shared, receive special offers and invitations for RIH SPORT events.

Signing up is easy and free of charge. You sign up using the button below, fill out some basic questions about your bike and yourself, add a couple of pictures of your bike and tell a little bit about your history with the bike. Based on the frame number on your bike (at the bottom of your headtube), we will try to find more information about the year your bike was built and its first owner. Unfortunately our archive is limited to the period of 1956 to 1983 and the most recent bikes. With your help, we are looking to create a more complete overview of the building years and other historic facts.

It is our goal to sign up as many RIH SPORT bikes and cyclists. If you know of any other RIH SPORT owners, please ask them to join as well.

RIH SPORT events

RIH SPORT is co organizing several cycling events in the city of Amsterdam this year, gathered in the Straatrondes van Amsterdam. We are looking to organize several social rides and other events at or around these events. The main event of this year will take place at the Ronde van de Westerstraat, where our factory was located for over 70 years. The event is currently planned for Sunday June 19. Together with as many RIH SPORT riders and fans, we are looking to organize several events during the day, including a RIH SPORT only crit race. Additionally, please come join us for our Open Day on Saturday March 19 at the current factory on the TT Vasumweg 121 in Amsterdam Noord. Unfortunately all events are subject to current and future Covid 19 restrictions, so please check in on our site. Fingers crossed we’ll be able to see you all shortly.

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