The bicycle that suits you

A good rider specific bike design consists out of two parts. The first part is the rider’s position on the bike, i.e. what is the optimal position of saddle and handlebars, relative to the bottom bracket, given the rider’s physiological properties? Some people have a flexible lower back. Some not. Some people have long muscles. Others don’t. These are extremely personal factors. Formula based methods do not include these factors and are of limited use in determining your optimal position.

Did you do a bike fitting before or do you prefer a bike fitter of your own choice? We can start designing your bike using those bike fitting results!

The fitter of the west

in 1921 by willem (wim) and joop bustraan at westerstraat 150 situated in the working-class neighborhoodjordaan of amsterdam.
The two brothers handed over the business to willem jr. In 1948. He then teamed up with wim van der kaaij who had learned the trade from an early age always helping in the shop as an apprentice.